Thursday, May 20, 2010

My daughter makes cakes.

My younger daughter, Kelly, has been making decorated cakes for some time now. She doesn't do it for a living or anything. As a matter of fact, she does not do it for money at all. She does not even want compensated for them. She doesn't think her cakes are good enough to accept money for them. I, myself, thinks she does an excellent job. Of course, I am not partial or anything.

Here are a few pictures of some of the cakes she has done over the years. Mostly, she does them for family and friends. They are all done with buttercream frosting. She hasn't got the nerve to try fondant yet. She did use some fondant on the cake with the butterflies because she couldn't think of any other way to make them.

This is a cake done for a couple of girls. It is their school mascot. She drew this on the cake freehand with icing using the refrigerator magnet pictured behind the cake as a pattern.

These were groom's cakes for my niece's wedding. Her new hubbie is a football and baseball coach in the school where he teaches.

My grandson's birthday cake. This is the cake that inspired my niece to have the sports oriented groom's cakes at the wedding.

My daughter did these two cakes for her friend's daughter's 14th birthday. It is her cell phone complete with edible picture and her ipod. By the way, that is the same picture she has on her phone as a background.

The butterflies and flowers are made of fondant.

The cow, pig and lamb were cupcakes that went with the barn cake. When Kelly took a picture of them they were in a carrier so the picture has a reflection of the flash. Also, the cover was exactly clear either.

That is all the pictures I have at the moment.
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Ms. Craftsalot said...

She does very good work! Especially on the mascot's. She should think of selling them sometime, she's worth it. But if she thinks like I do about my crafty creations I make for friends and family, I often have too much fun making them, that that is reward enough. (Also I don't think I'm good enough.) In the last 6 months I have tried selling my creations. Both shows took place at our hospital. One show I sold out, the other one I only sold about half. She could work at a bakery (or start her own) and hopefully get paid really well. Thanks for sharing!

sweetiepie said...

Thanks for your nice comment, Ms Crafsalot. My daughter's problem is the same as yours, she doesn't think she is good enough to charge money for her cakes. She is very critical of her own work.

Linda said...

She is very good. She really should market herself. I have the same issues. I sew and just now got the courage to sell a few things on Etsy and wow! I've sold a few things. You just never know!

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

These are great...I decorated cakes when my kids were little but haven't done it in awhile...these are great and fun.
Thanks for stopping by my blog and I loved your comment on FROG!!! So true.

~Carrie from Cottage Cozy~ said...

Isn't it just amazing how creative cakes can be! What fun and delishishness! (is that a word?)

Arlette said...

Hi Joyce. Hope you are doing well. Tell your daughter that she should charge for her cakes. They look very professional...just like bakery cakes.

Esme said...

What fun cakes-I love these.

Arlette said...

Happy Easter, dear friend. I am sorry for being so out of touch lately. I do think of you and pray for you often. Take care! ((Hugs))

Arlette said...

Hi Joyce! It was nice hearing from you. I hope that you are doing well. Thank you for dropping by my blog and for leaving such nice comments. Although I did not win the contest, I had a wonderful time making the ring box. Take care, sweet friend!